Mindfully Investing

By investing mindfully I am currently starting my early retirement at the age of 52.  I hope to help others to meet similar investing goals and avoid some of my financial mistakes.  I’ve learned some hard investing lessons over the years including that there is a lot of conflicting information on investing and retirement available, and many potential advisers (but not all) are motivated by self-interest.  Along the way, I independently became aware of the western concept of “mindfulness”.   Mindfulness provides a crystal clear viewing screen for making objective investing decisions and navigating the emotional turmoil associated with investing.  As detailed in the Articles of this website, investing mindfully means investing with greater success and peace of mind.

A Guide to Personal Finance Blogs

Much of what you will read on this site is the product of many long hours of research using books, finance websites, and personal finance blogs.  Particularly for the huge world of personal finance blogs, finding relevant information can sometimes be difficult.  I felt there was a need for additional resources to help people like me with navigating the vast sea of personal finance blogs.  Consequently, I have also added to this website my Guide to Personal Finance Blogs, which categorizes all of the personal finance blogs I’ve come across and sorts them by factors such as Style, Topic/Theme, Geography, Time (frequency of posting), and Blogger Types.  There is also a very handy custom search engine that allows you to search all the blogs simultaneously without the clutter of the rest of the internet.  If you have a blog you’d like added to the Guide, please contact me using the contact form on the About page.