Tabular Summary of Blog Styles

Below is a table containing the same information as the blog styles graph along with some additional details about each personal finance blog site in the survey.  The blogs included in the table were updated as of mid-July 2017.  The table is color coded with the same blog style colors shown in the graph.  URL links are provided in the table’s second column that will take you directly to the blog selected.  The table can also be searched (top right), sorted (by clicking on the down arrows in any column header), and filtered using the filter form at the top of the table.  

The filter form can be a little slow because of the size of the table.  So, be patient and go slow when entering filter information.  I will work on improving the table’s functionality.  

Sorting and filtering by style can be accomplished by using the Style Quadrant Colors, which are explained in more detail on the main styles page.   In summary, the style Style Quadrant Colors are:

  1. Green = Personal Stories – Experiential and intuitive blogs.  Personal and often emotional stories and observations or discussion of personal motivations, reactions, and decisions.  Often feels like reading personal journal or diary entries. 
  2. Yellow = Example/Advice – Experiential and rational blogs.  Personal financial data and information or personal observations intended as an example, rational advice, or guidance.  Often feels like reading personal financial accounts or advice from a friend with relevant experience.
  3. Blue = Opinion/Motivation – Informational and intuitive blogs.  Apparently objective information presented from a personal perception or emotional impact perspective. Often feels like reading an opinion column, motivational article, or human interest news piece.
  4. Red = Education – Informational and rational blogs.  Apparently objective and substantial information explained or analyzed in a logical or rational way.  Often feels like reading a technical journal article or text book.
  5. Gray = Mixed – Mixed style blogs.  Posts that often combine a mixture of the other styles.  Often shades slightly towards one of the other styles.

The table also includes the country of each blog from the geography analysis page and the Primary Theme of each blog as defined on the Topics page.

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