Graphs of Blog Topics

The information in the Recent Topics Focus Percentages Table is presented here in a series of graphs clustered by the primary focus of each blog.  “Primary focus” is when the blog devotes about 50% or more posts to a single topic.  For example, if you want to consider blogs that focus mostly on saving and budgeting you would click on the graph below on saving/budgeting.  The graph will then detail how many recent posts for those saving/budgeting-focused blogs were devoted to other topics.  By using the color coding in the graphs, you can quickly find blogs that have a mixture of several different topics of interest.  For example, you can find blogs that focus on saving/budgeting but also discuss investing and life by going to the saving/budgeting link below.  All possible topic combinations can be explored in this way.

The graphs of blogs clustered by topic focus are provided at the links below.  Also, this list provides topic numbers and colors associated with each topic as defined in blog topics main page.

  1. Red – Saving/Budgeting – Blogs focused on Saving/Budgeting are graphed here.
  2. Orange – Investing -Blogs focused on Investing are graphed here.
  3. Yellow – Life – Blogs focused on Life are graphed here.
  4. Green – Frugality – Blogs focused on Frugality are graphed here.
  5. Blue – Earning – Blogs focused on Earning are graphed here.
  6. Purple – Debt/Credit – Blogs focused on Debt/Credit are graphed here.
  7. Pink – Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) – Blogs focused on FIRE are graphed here.

Refer to the recent topics definitions page if you want a refresher on the definitions for each of these topics.