Personal Finance Blogs over Time

Time Graph

The above graph tracks recent posts at over 1600 personal finance blogs.  The database of blogs was last updated at the end of January 2018.  Each blog is represented by a dot.  By hovering your cursor over any dot in the graph you can see the name of the blog, the age of the blogger (within decade categories), and the year the blog was first started.  The blogs with the most recent posts as of mid-day February 17, 2018 are shown on the left side of the graph, and progressively older posts are shown moving to the right.  The colors indicate how many weeks ago from February 17, 2018 the blogger last posted:

  • Red = <1 week
  • Orange = 1 to 2 weeks
  • Light green = 2 to 3 weeks
  • Light blue = 3 to 4 weeks

Blogs with the last post older than 4 weeks ago are not shown in the graph.  Direct links are also provided for the graphed blogs in the data table below.

Note that the graph dots are tracked to the nearest day of each post.  The dots are staggered for visual clarity when two or more blogs started in the same year posted on the same day.  The graph is updated on a weekly basis.  A weekly update gives a pretty good sense of which blogs are posting frequently (weekly) versus less frequently (every two, three, four or more weeks).

Time Table

The large table below shows blogs posting within the last 4 weeks from the over 1600 personal finance blogs tracked.  It presents the same information as the graph including: weeks since the last post and the year the blog was started.  In addition, summary information from the blog styles analysis, blog topics analysis, and blog country from the geographical analysis are also provided.  You can go directly to any blog by clicking on the links in the “URL” column.  The table can be sorted using the arrows at the top of the table as well as searched and filtered using the entry forms at the top of the table.

The blogs are default sorted by most recent post and assigned the same colors as the graph above based on number of weeks since the last post.  As with the graph, the time since the last post in the table is tracked to the nearest day but updated weekly.

The terms used for the summary categories in the other table columns are explained in more detail on these pages: Style, Topics, and Geography.

Blogs Over Time January 2018