“Emotions” Top 10 Custom Search Results

Here are the Top 10 Results for “Emotions” using the Mindfully Investing Custom Search Engine.  It seems people are saying that emotions and money are a bad mix.  The search engine searches over 1000 personal finance blogs (and nothing else) on the internet.

  1. Financial Samurai – What’s It Like Driving For Uber? Mixed Emotions Of Hope And Sadness
  2. Reach Financial Independence – Erasing Negative Emotions: Ways Couples Can Talk About Money
  3. Consumerism Commentary – Emotions and Money: When to Keep Them Separated
  4. Boomer and Echo – How To Invest Your Money: Psychology
  5. When Life Gives You Lemons Add Vodka – How Emotions Affect Your Finances
  6. Budgets Are Sexy – My Answer to All Financial Debates
  7. Becoming Minimalist – 7 Important Reasons to Unplug and Find Space
  8. Dear Debt – 3 Reasons Why Being Jealous is Making You Poor
  9. 20s Finances – Staying Invested Is The Key To Long Term Success
  10. Atypical Finance – 3 Ways to Turn Your Stress from Debt into Motivation to Pay it Off