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I recently introduced the Guide to Personal Finance Blogs, which organizes over 1000 personal finance blogs by author styles and topics covered.  More features are coming to the Guide soon.  The idea behind the Guide is to help readers navigate the vast seas of personal finance blogging and find the sites that best fit their specific tastes.

Guide to Personal Finance Blogs – Custom Search Engine

There has been a fair amount of interest in the Guide so far, but I’ve noticed that people aren’t yet taking much advantage of the Personal Finance Blog Custom Search Engine.  This search engine allows you to simultaneously query over 1000 blogs.  More importantly, it excludes the rest of the internet.  So, your search results will be purely personal finance, with none of the clutter from the rest of the internet.

I was thinking about different potential uses for the custom search engine.  One use could be to see where a blogger you respect (or alternatively, disdain perhaps) is involved in other personal finance blogs.  Who do these bloggers associate with in the personal finance blogosphere?  Where are they mentioned?  Where do they comment?  Where do they guest post?

Here are a few example search results using some actual bloggers from the Guide database.  These examples give you a glimpse of what you could discover with the custom search engine.

First, I searched for “My Retirement Rehab” author Ian Bond, shown here in a picture from his blog.

Here is where this fine gentleman pops up in the personal finance blogging world, beyond his own website, of course:

It seems that Ian has been busy.  Using these results you can easily see what blogs he likes to comment on, where he’s mentioned, and where he has guest posted.  If you like Ian’s blog, perhaps you should visit and comment at these other blogs yourself.

Next I searched for Amanda at My Life, I Guess… Here’s her smiling face from her website picture:

The search engine reveals that Amanda has been mentioned or commented here:

It’s interesting to see how different bloggers are traveling in different circles and where they like to interact.

Finally, I looked for FIRE Millennial.  He seems to be a mystery man.

This one was a little harder because, I couldn’t use FIRE Millennial guy’s name to refine the search.  Still, I was able to find him mentioned in a list of “folks who retired early (or are on the path to retire early) and ARE NOT male engineers” at:

This has to be one of the stranger lists out their, but regardless, we’ve learned that FIRE Millennial guy is not an engineer.  He’s slightly less mysterious now.  Interesting or not?  You decide.

“But how is this better than a standard Google search?”, you might ask.  Well a standard Google search for “Ian Bond”, for example, gives high-ranking results about Ian Flemming, author of the James Bond novels, as well as details about some anesthesiologist in Oklahoma City.  I have never read a James Bond book, and I’m not planning to get sick in Oklahoma anytime soon.  So, both these random tidbits aren’t doing much for me.  You’d have to wade many pages deep into the standard Google search results to find the blog connections that easily surfaced using the custom search engine in the Guide to Personal Finance Blogs.

Anyway, perhaps you have been curious about what some of your favorite bloggers do all day on the internet.  If so, here’s your chance.  Happy hunting.

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