Is Your Blog Included? – Update to A Guide to Personal Finance Blogs

The Guide to Personal Finance Blogs has been freshly updated as of mid-July 2017.

The Guide now includes 1151 personal finance blogs.  Beyond adding nearly 150 new blogs, what else has changed in the Guide?

  • Some blogs were deleted because the sites no longer exist, the link to the site is now broken, the site is blank, or the site no longer contains any personal finance information of consequence.
  • The rolling re-surveys of existing blogs continues.  As I discuss in the Guide methods, I have been revisiting existing sites to track any evolution in the bloggers’ styles and topic focus over time.  I plan to re-survey sites at a pace that ensures all information is less than 9 to 12 months old, with the average time since the last survey in the 3 to 6 month range.
  • The data tables have been updated to include more cross indexing between the various blog metrics of style, topic, theme, geography, blogger types, and posting frequency.
  • In particular, I’ve created summary categories for blog styles, blog topic focus, and blog themes that now appear in most of the data tables.
  • The Blogs over Time posting frequency is now being tracked daily, but updated once a week on Saturdays.  This should still give you a good sense of which blogs are posting regularly (i.e., within the last one, two, three or four weeks).

I did not delete any blogs due to inactivity.  Rest assured that if you’ve experienced a posting hiatus lately, your blog is still present and accounted for in the Guide.

It’s also worth noting that I continue to cross check the Guide database against other personal finance directories on the internet.  Through this process I’ve determined that the Guide contains most of the blogs listed at other locations.

If you like the Guide to Personal Finance Blogs, please tell others about it.  The whole idea behind the Guide is to help readers find their ideal bloggers that they don’t even know about yet.  If you are a personal finance blogger please mention the Guide in a post or on social media.  As more bloggers mention the Guide, the more this cross-pollination process will bring potential new readers back to your blog.  The Guide is only in its infancy and I am already observing a periodically very  high click-through rate to blogs mentioned in the Guide.  This could be a substantial source of traffic for many bloggers, but only if more people participate.  Mentioning the Guide only takes a few minutes and will bring you new readers over time.


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