The Mindfully Investing Score Card

I started the Mindfully Investing website mainly because a lot of widely available “conventional wisdom” or “standard advice” offered to individual investors seemed suspect or even downright dangerous to me.  By applying mindfulness principles to my own investing approach, I often came to conclusions that were at odds with much of this standard advice.  Now that I’ve generated nearly a hundred articles and posts on a wide range of investing topics, it makes sense to summarize some of the Mindfully Investing findings that depart from key concepts of the conventional investing cookbook.

It also seemed like a good excuse to work on my infographic skills, which I’ll admit are still pretty dismal.  So, I created the Mindfully Investing Score Card shown below.

It’s important to realize that this Score Card comprises just 11 of the most important, and perhaps surprising, Mindfully Investing conclusions that conflict with commonly offered advice on the internet and in the media.  (I guess I could have made a “top 10” list, but I couldn’t bring myself to further prune this list of topics.)  There are many other aspects of the Mindfully Investing approach as detailed throughout this website that run counter to some common investing assumptions and approaches.  And as importantly, there are many additional conclusions in my website that are consistent with or support some of the commonly available advice out there.  Trying to “summarize” everything from nearly 100 pages would be pretty futile, so I kept my list to these 11 key antithetical findings.

You may be wondering how in the world I reached some of these conclusions.  Accordingly, I’ve provided links to the detailed articles that provide copious evidence supporting all these conclusions as shown in the “Mindfully Investing Verdict” column.  If you have good reasons to disagree with any of these findings, I invite you to comment on the linked articles or on this post.  I’m always open to new ideas.

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